Audition Mobile App for Actors and Casting Directors

Audition Update is a free crowdsourcing website that serves as an outlet for actors to anonymously share important information on the status of current auditions, callbacks, theaters, advice, and insight.

The website was created by Tom Lapke in 2010 with the “sole purpose of helping actors get through their difficult day with a little more ease and information.” It is now owned and run by Backstage.

For more information on the inner-workings of the site, click here.

A Mobile Application for Actors

Though the website serves its purpose as a forum for actors, there is no mobile application like it. Users are forced to refresh pages through the Internet and search and scroll through endless threads to find what they are looking for.

Many actors use the site as a way to update each other on various information, who is in the room, how many slots are still available, whether or not the creative team will be seeing non-equity, how many folks are signed up on the unofficial list, if the creative team is honoring the unofficial list, etc. (Usually, someone starts the unofficial list at an ungodly hour. It is helpful to know if it is worth it to attend an audition as a non-equity actor before making the trek!)

I have taken the first steps towards creating an application for both actors and casting directors that encompasses all of this information, and more.

Audition Portal Home Page

Audition Portal, created with iBuildApp

Upon opening the app, users are sent to Audition Portal’s home page. There, an easy menu including buttons to the Audition Forum, Callback Forum, Support Forum, and Theater Reviews will be listed. Each button leads to a different forum designed for users to discuss upcoming auditions, callbacks, any questions they have regarding certain calls, as well as a resource that allows actors to review theaters they’ve had employment with.

An example page, “Audition Forum,” would look something like this.

Upon scrolling through the Audition Forum, users can interact with any information they have regarding auditions and the creative teams. Not only can actors contribute, but casting directors can help ease the process with relaying details on whether or non non-equity will be seen, if they have empty audition slots, etc.

Threads will be broken up based on production and theater.

Within the app, users will also find a Callback Forum including insight into relevant callbacks and job offers, a Support Forum for miscellaneous discussion, and a Theatre Reviews page where industry professionals can add personal experiences working at various theaters (serving as a Yelp for actors).

I get it. The theatre industry is ruthless.

Why not spread the love and help one another?

Theatre peeps, if you are interested in a mobile app that serves this purpose, please let me know!

Would it be worthwhile to keep things anonymous? Or would having a public profile limit information to being as accurate as possible?

xo Maggie

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