Why ‘Audition Update’ is the Gossip Girl for Actors

Spotted – Audition Update is an invaluable tool for all actors. The free crowdsourcing website serves as an outlet for actors to anonymously share important information on the status of current auditions, callbacks, theaters, advice, insight, and some corny jokes here and there.

The Perks of Audition Update

The page was created by Tom Lapke in 2010 with the “sole purpose of helping actors get through their difficult day with a  little more ease and information.” It is now owned and run by Backstage.

Each page of Audition Update is dedicated to a specific service: Auditions, Callbacks, Bitching Post, Gig&Tell and Resources.

Audition Homepage

Audition Update Homepage

Actors keep each other up to date here on specific auditions. Who is in the room? Are they seeing non-Equity? Are they accepting an unofficial list? What number are they on? Is the creative team typing actors? What time does the building open?

This page is especially important for tireless non-Equity actors, saving useless trips and runarounds from AEA, Pearl, NOLA, Telsey and Chelsea in the early hours of the morning.

Callback Corner

Audition Update Callback Corner

Actors on the “Callback Corner” can let each other know if callbacks have gone out for various shows/roles and if certain shows/roles have been cast. The page serves as a way to give actors some piece of mind and as much information as possible.

However, checking the page obsessively can lead to unhealthy habits.

Bitching Post

Audition Update Bitching Post

The “Bitching Post” is a generally safe place to anonymously unleash your inner bitch. Be cautious, Upper East Siders. Once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever.


Sometimes, users post here without any intention of “bitching.” If the post begins with NAB (or Not A ‘Bitch’), we know it will most likely be a general question.


Audition Update Gig&Tell

“Gig&Tell” is dedicated to sharing actors’ personal experiences working at various theaters. If you just recently received a job offer at a theatre listed under here, you can check the page for serious dirt, good and bad!

Resources Page


The “Resources” tab directs you to the Backstage website. How convenient!

When used for good, Audition Update can be a powerful tool for actors in a merciless field.

It takes a village.


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