Why Evangelicals are Losing Their Minds Over Gay 'Beauty and the Beast' Character


The highly anticipated "Beauty and the Beast" live-action film starring Emma Watson will be released nationwide March 17.

According to the cast and creative team, a so-called "gay moment" involving Gaston's manservant Lefou (Josh Gad) will appear towards the end of the movie.

Some venues and movie-goers cannot fathom that Disney would commit such an unthinkablecrime. An Alabama drive-in cancelled plans to show the movie because it challenged Christian beliefs.

"When companies continually force their views on us, we need to take a stand. We all make choices and I am making mine," the unsigned Facebook post says. "If I can't sit through a movie with God or Jesus sitting by me, then we have no business showing it.

Christian social media explodes "for the children"

Franklin Graham, President of Samaritan's Purse and Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, is personally leading a crusade to boycott the movie.

In solidarity with the Alabama drive-in theatre, the Christian evangelist writes "I wish more businesses would have this kind of character to take a stand for what is right."

The post received 146k shares, followed by an outcry of Christian support. Click here to read more.

Who gives a s***?

Evangelicals: If you can handle a woman falling in love with a beast, you can handle Josh Gadbatting his eyelashes at Luke Evans. The characters are identical to those from the 1991 Disney classic.

Is the film's so-called "gay moment" enough to even cause a nationwide boycott? According to almost 100,000 Christians, yes. But according to any sane United States citizen in the year 2017, no.

"Beauty and the Beast" will make tons of money, regardless if Franklin Graham and his cronies see it.

In fact, the Christians who are gnashing their teeth right now aren’t winning any converts, they’re doing nothing to devastate Disney, and everything to devastate the image of the Church in the eyes of the world. 

But think of the children!

Does anyone really think this moment in “Beauty and the Beast” is going to be an explicit sex scene?

Normalizing homosexuality

Advocates of the boycott argue that the Disney film is "normalizing" homosexuality.

Well yes, gay people do exist.

Yet evangelicals, people called to show compassion to others, argue that gay people should not exist in these worlds. This comes across as "we would prefer gay people didn't exist."

But still, the children!

Let me ask you a question. By signing petitions to ban the LGBT community for being represented in Disney films, are you teaching your children to love and respect one and other?

Smells like hypocrisy to me.

Let's be real

Lefou Gaston Beauty and the Beast

Lefou Gaston Beauty and the Beast

If religious conservatives actually abided by their beliefs, they'd miss out on much more than "Beauty and the Beast." Perhaps they should no longer listen to their favorite singer because he's gay (see you later Freddie Mercury and Elton John fans). Don't even think about ever seeing a Broadway show, because we all know the theatre community is flooded with gays.

Christians boycotting Disney: you'd do yourself a favor by also saying goodbye to anymovie or televisionshow or commercial with these guys in it. Can't have your kid looking up to a successful human that also happens to be gay.

The naked hypocrisy of it all

The majority of us who believe in the intrinsic value of all people willpack the theaters, celebrating the diversity of this life with our children in stories and songs.Meanwhile “the Church” will stand outside with signs, sneering and scowling and being miserable in the name of Jesus—before returning to social media to troll the "liberal snowflakes" who believe Donald Trumpisn’ta great model of morality for our nation’s children.

What are your thoughts?