The Honest Truth About Blogging

I began my blog, Actor Aesthetic, in January 2017 as a requirement. I had extra hours to spare in the last semester of college, and I chose to take a Digital and Online media course based around blogging and mass media. The class was instructed online by Professor Salwa Khan of Texas State University.

Remember, I was graduating with a degree in Musical Theatre. My extent of writing knowledge derived from gen-eds and two doses of AP English in high school.

What once was a hobby became a full blown daily dedication.

The Secrets to a Successful Blog


Most fail to realize the figurative blood, sweat and tears it takes to successfully run a blog.

According to The Minimalists, blogging is more like a running a business.

In order to keep people wanting to read and visit Actor Aesthetic, I don't just write every day.

  1. I manage a Twitter account, an Instagram account, a Pinterest account, and a Facebook page.

  2. I hashtag wisely.

  3. I sift through relevant hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, liking and commenting on posts to grow my following.

  4. I design blog graphics to share on Pinterest.

  5. I connect with other bloggers.

  6. I actively participate in social media blogger groups.

  7. I read Playbill, Backstage, and Broadway World daily (sites incredibly important to my niche).

  8. I keep an eye on breaking news in the theatre industry, upcoming auditions, reviews, show clips and more. I repost when necessary.

  9. I chat with peers, mentors, and other industry professionals on questions they want answers to, topics they'd like covered.

  10. I research the best times to share on various social media platforms to maximize views.

  11. I share relevant material on my Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

  12. I make sure to be aware of Search Engine Optimization. I utilize keywords in titles, descriptions, and metadata.

  13. I track my site's statistics with analytics.

  14. I am constantly renovating the interface of my website to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and easy to use environment.

  15. I keep an eye on Wordpress, updating my theme and plugins when available and monitoring for issues.

  16. I brainstorm and record any ideas for upcoming blog posts.

  17. I study html and css.

  18. I manage an editorial calendar.

Still think blogging is all play and no work? Think again!

What are some ways you find helpful to maintain a successful work-life-blog balance? I'd love to have your input!