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What It's Like Dating Another Actor

What It's Like Dating Another Actor

If you're an actor, you know what it takes to sustain a career in the industry. And it's not easy. You're constantly traveling from city to city, you're more than likely working strange hours, and your next job is never guaranteed.

What do I do after my next contract is up? How am I going to make money? What if I can't pay rent?

How could you possibly juggle a career and a relationship?

And not just any relationship... a relationship with anotheractor.

Sometimes, creative people can be dark and destructive. Put two of them together and you might have a recipe for disaster. (Sutton Foster and Christian Borle anyone?)

But guess what?

I am an actor.

I have been dating another actor for almost 4 years.

Here's the truth.

It's an emotional rollercoaster.

Our job as actors requires us to viscerally access our emotions on a daily basis. Therefore, in real life, we feel everything 100 times harder than the average person. That, multiplied by the distance we spend away from each other at theaters across the country and the harsh statistics behind our choice of profession, makes our relationship extremely difficult.

And yet... that's why we work.

We Understand Each Other


No one fully comprehends what we go through as actors... except for other actors.

When we're not being completely vulnerable on stage, we are showing up to casting calls only to be judged solely on physical appearance and talent.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a whopping 13% of all actors are currently working. I can't think of a single other profession with such horrifying employment prospects.

Having another person who truly understands the uphill climb is a gift from God.

And hey... who better to help practice audition sides? Sing through material? Select headshots? Proof resumes?

We Have A Common Terminology


Having a conversation about a movie with Grayson is riveting. I can talk to him for hours about my interpretation, why I didn't like the soundtrack, why I loved the actor's performance. He can go on and on about the director's vision, why he hated the concept, why he admired the writing.

It's even more thrilling when we disagree.

The obvious perk of dating another actor is the common terminology and analytical sense we share as artists.

Who else can I jam out with to Les Mis and Last Five Years in the same hour?

We Are Each Other's #1 Fan


As actors, we understand the payoff of booking a job more than anyone. Knowing that talent, type, and luck all come into play when casting a show, the chances of actually getting the job are slim to none.

If your partner hears some good news, it's a win for both of you.

Of course, dating someone in the same profession can be poisonous. Start comparing yourself to your significant other you're on the fast track to professional jealousy.

Having a mutual respect for each other's successes is the secret to a happy relationship.

100% Trust Is Necessary


You know what sucks? Watching your significant other have a passionate relationship with another person on stage for 2 and half hours. 

However, as actors, we understand the difference between an onstage romance and clearly just doing a job.

It's O.K. to feel uncomfortable.

But what's not O.K. is projecting your feelings on your significant other, prohibiting them from doing good work.

Trust and communication are more important than you think.


Maybe you're an actor and you're just not about that life.

But let me be clear.

Dating another actor is the best decision I've ever made.

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