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Hosted by New York City based actress Maggie Bera, the Actor Aesthetic podcast covers audition tips, Actors’ Equity Association, Equity Principal Auditions and Equity Chorus Calls, musical theatre college degrees and more!

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Actor Aesthetic Podcast

Episode 14 - My Top 10 Favorite Broadway Musical Scores

With audition season booming, we're keeping this episode light and fun. Maggie discusses her top ten FAVORITE broadway musical scores of all time, why she loves them, and why she will fight anyone who doesn't think her #1 should be #1!

Episode 13 - Calm Your Nerves for College Auditions

College auditions are overwhelming. But with the effective organizational tools, time management, and a positive attitude, things will run a lot smoother!

This is a podcast dedicated to all my friends and parents of students planning on pursuing a degree in musical theatre.

Remember, you will end up at the right place. I promise that everything happens for a reason and you will find the program that loves you for who you are.

Episode 12 - What NYC Audition Holding Rooms are Really Like

When actors are waiting to audition, whether for film, television, or theatre, they are typically placed in a holding room. A holding room is where actors will sign up, sign in, and prepare for an audition. Depending on how the audition is running, you may spend hoursin a holding room. So let's get to know these magical places and all they may (or may not) have to offer.

If you are an actor interested in moving to New York City, this podcast is for you!

Episode 11 - How And where to find an agent

In this episode, Maggie discusses different tactics to land an agent… including senior showcase, cold submissions, industry referrals, and more. Agents are not a necessity to be successful in the business, but they can be a huge help in opening doors and building relationships with casting directors and creative teams.

Episode 10 - What Happens When You Start To Feel Burnt Out?

Are you going from job to job and feeling like musical theatre is taking over your life? Are you waking up early, going to auditions, and feeling like your time is being wasted by every job you don’t get? Or are you in college pursuing a BFA and experiencing the culture shock that is studying musical theatre 24/7?

This episode is for anyone who is feeling burnt out by the industry. 

Maggie asks important questions that will challenge your ideas of work ethic and ‘rejection.’ 

Episode 9 - 10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Audition Book

As an actor, I’d argue that my audition book can be as valuable as my first born child. Our audition books hold precious sheet music that could mean the difference between callback or no callback. In this episode, we'll discuss 10 easy ways to give your audition book a facelift! Let’s get #bookedandblessed this year.


Episode 8 - How These 20 Actors Joined Actors’ Equity

Story time! In this episode, Maggie reads the stories of 20 Broadway, Film, and TV actors and how they joined Actors’ Equity Association. Hear how Kristen Chenoweth, Harvey Fierstein, Angela Lansbury, Raul Esparza, and more earned their cards!

Episode 7 - So you have a BFA, now what?

In this episode, Maggie gets down and dirty about what life is like after college… and how you can make the best use of your time. Whether you have made the move yet to a big city or are still at home with your parents, here are 10 things to think about.

Episode 6 - 10 Things Actors Can Be Thankful For

A special Thanksgiving edition of the Actor Aesthetic Podcast! In this episode, Maggie discusses the top 10 things she is most thankful for as an actor.

Episode 5 - 20+ Benefits of Joining Actors Equity

Actors' Equity Association (AEA) is the performing arts union representing more than 51,000 professional stage actors and stage managers in the United States. Equity provides a wide range of benefits by negotiating wagesworking conditions, andproviding health and pension plans for its members. 

In this episode, Maggie discusses the benefits of joining Actors' Equity Association and why you should consider becoming a member. The two types of benefits that members are entitled to are Contract Benefits and Membership Benefits.

Episode 4 - How to Keep an Audition Journal

In this episode, Maggie discusses the importance of keeping an audition journal and what she likes to include in hers. 

Episode 3 - Equity Chorus Calls

In this episode, Maggie discusses the basics of Equity Chorus Call auditions, or ECCs. This episode is geared towards new Equity members and non-union actors looking to take advantage of Equity auditions.

Episode 2 - Equity Principal Auditions

In this episode, Maggie discusses the foundations of Equity Principal Auditions and how to take advantage of them. Non-equity members, Equity Membership Candidates, and new Equity members will find this episode very valuable

Episode 1 - How To Join Actors’ Equity Association

Introducing the Actor Aesthetic podcast, hosted by NYC based actress and blogger, Maggie Bera. Maggie starts off her first episode of the Actor Aesthetic podcast with the highly requested topic, How To Join Actors' Equity Association. Topics covered include the foundations of Actors' Equity, the Equity Membership Candidate Program, and more.