The Honest Truth About Blogging

I began my blog, Actor Aesthetic, in January 2017 as a requirement.

I had extra hours to spare in the last semester of college, and I chose to take a Digital and Online media course based around blogging and mass media. The class was instructed online by Professor Salwa Khan of Texas State University.

Remember, I am graduating with a degree in Musical Theatre. My extent of writing knowledge derives from gen-eds and two doses of AP English in high school.

What once was a hobby became a full blown daily dedication.

The Secrets to a Successful Blog


Most fail to realize the figurative blood, sweat and tears it takes to successfully run a blog.

According to The Minimalists, blogging is more like a running a business.

In order to keep people wanting to read and visit Actor Aesthetic, I don’t just write every day.

  1. I manage a Twitter account, an Instagram account, a Pinterest account, and a Facebook page.
  2. I hashtag wisely.
  3. I sift through relevant hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, liking and commenting on posts to grow my following.
  4. I design blog graphics to share on Pinterest.
  5. I connect with other bloggers.
  6. I actively participate in social media blogger groups.
  7. I read Playbill, Backstage, and Broadway World daily (sites incredibly important to my niche).
  8. I keep an eye on breaking news in the theatre industry, upcoming auditions, reviews, show clips and more. I repost when necessary.
  9. I chat with peers, mentors, and other industry professionals on questions they want answers to, topics they’d like covered.
  10. I research the best times to share on various social media platforms to maximize views.
  11. share relevant material on my Twitter, Instagram Pinterest, and Facebook.
  12. I make sure to be aware of Search Engine Optimization. I utilize keywords in titles, descriptions, and metadata.
  13. I track my site’s statistics with analytics.
  14. I am constantly renovating the interface of my website to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and easy to use environment.
  15. I keep an eye on WordPress, updating my theme and plugins when available and monitoring for issues.
  16. I brainstorm and record any ideas for upcoming blog posts.
  17. I study html and css.
  18. I manage an editorial calendar.

Still think blogging is all play and no work? Think again!

What are some ways you find helpful to maintain a successful work-life-blog balance? I’d love to have your input!

xo Maggie



14 thoughts on “The Honest Truth About Blogging

  1. LOVE this! I started a blog in January 2017 as well and WOW! Blogging is NOT what I expected and is a lot more work than I originally thought.
    I’ve been learning a TON as I go and changing my daily activities constantly. I’ve found that an editorial calendar for my posts has been a life saver! Along with that a social media scheduler is a MUST if you want to keep your insanity. I’m currently using buffer for twitter and facebook. I also am doing research into tailwind and boardbooster for pinterest.
    It’s already been a difficult and fun journey. So excited for the future of my blog!
    Congrats on all of your success so far!

      1. Yes it is! Also a website so you can schedule content on your desktop or on the go. It has free and paid options. I’ve been using the free version and it has been a definite game changer for me

  2. I don’t do a lot of this stuff so I’m super glad you shared this with me!! I feel like in the beginning you’re just trying to get the hang of it so once you do, you don’t realize how much more you could be doing and it’s super easy to increase traffic / popularity this way. Thanks for sharing babe! x

  3. I started my blog in February and you are totally spot on, it is a lot of work! Working full-time I don’t always have the time, but try to do most of the things in your list on a daily basis! There’s always so much more to do though. Thanks so much for the insight!


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