Why Musical Theatre Majors Love Lululemon

While twenty-somethings are learning to screlt and kick their faces at fierce Musical Theatre programs, an obsession has developed with the best (and most expensive…) thing to happen to the industry. Lululemon.

Lululemon Athletica is a high-end workout clothing line for yoga, running, and training that has become the standard among the theatre community. Go to a rehearsal, an open call, or dance class in New York City and 95% of the men and women are #slaying in lulu slacks and skirts.


fullsizeoutput_3d3f1. Lulu materials are colorfast, perfect for auditions

“Women’s Essential Rhythm Dance Barre Workout” by Apparel Magazine
Get yourself a bright colored Lulu top and you’ll stand out at an audition. No matter how many times you wash Lulu attire, the color stays brand new. For dancers, the material shows off your line beautifully.

2. Lulu leggings can easily be pants

“Lululemon leggings” by Fast Company
Ladies, nothing kills my self confidence more than see-through leggings. NO FEAR! Lululemon leggings have excellent coverage.

3. Lulu is comfy AF

Lululemon top and pants, Fast Company
When your day starts at 8am, ends at midnight, and you probably dance (#move) at least 2 hours in that day, you want to be as comfortable and efficient as possible. Lulu is the PERFECT attire for long hours of rehearsal and dance.

4. Lulu hides your sweat

“Lululemon Men’s Gear Sweatshirt” by Outside Online
Musical Theater ain’t all fun and games. Signature Lulu material is moisture wicking, quickly evaporating your sweat (sparkle).

5. Lulu is practical

by The Styled Fox
Most Lululemon tops and bottoms have pockets for keys, hair ties, phones etc. Perfect when you need to be on-the-go, a concept every MT major knows too well.

6. Lulu is fashion forward

“Lululemon launches leather gym leggings” by Elle
Didn’t think athletic wear can be durable AND fashionable? Lululemon figured it out. Althlesiure anyone?

7. Lulu patterns are to die for

“Lululemon double tap bra, jacquard fit physique pant” by Lululemon Addict
From cutting-edge fabric development to rich dyes, Lulu patterns are what make the brand unique. Shibori, ombre, jacquard, splatter reflective, feather prints, oh my!

8. Lulu makes you feel good

“Ready to rulu pant, muscle love crop tank, essential rhythm pant”by Lulumum
There is something about the quality of Lululemon that feels so wonderful. The material is meant to hug and flatter the body, so once you find the perfect size, you’re good to go!

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  1. I love lulu lemon – the brand has undoubtedly grown over the past few years. This blog did a great job at listing great selling points. Did you know that lulu lemon has a kids line called Ivivva? The kids I babysit dance & are crazy about ivivva leggings, athletic tops, sports bra, you name it.

    1. Yes! I’ll have to let my little cousins in on that, too. Don’t think they’ve ever tried Ivivva but I always see the line around the Lulu stores. The quality looks top notch.

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