Bonnie and Clyde Musical

10 Powerful Musicals That Must Be Revived On Broadway Today

The most recent announcement of an upcoming My Fair Lady Broadway revival has my wheels turning.

Lefou Beauty and the Beast

Why Evangelicals are Losing Their Minds Over Gay ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Character

A human-beast love story? No problem. But a comedic manservant with a subtle romantic interest in the same sex? Hold the PHONE!

Mulan Disney Movie

My Top 10 Favorite Disney Songs of All Time

Disney hit its stride with catchy musical numbers, empowering messages and enchanting characters… leaving behind a legacy of music and Billboard hits.

Why Musical Theatre Majors Love Lululemon

While twenty-somethings are learning to screlt and kick their faces at fierce Musical Theatre programs, an obsession has developed with the best (and most expensive…) thing to happen to the industry. Lululemon.

10 Steps to Creating the Perfect Audition Outfit in 2017

The outfit you choose for an audition gives you the chance to highlight yourself as a smart actor. In an industry that never goes as planned, wardrobe is one more thing we can have control over.