How To Make Sense of 'Audition Update'

Audition Update is a free crowdsourcing website that serves as an outlet for actors to anonymously share important information.

The page was created by Tom Lapke in 2010 with the "sole purpose of helping actors get through their difficult day with a little more ease and information." It is now owned and run by Backstage.

What Do Actors Use Audition Update For?

Actors typically flood the site to update and receive information on the status of current auditions and callbacks. They can also write and read reviews on working at a specific theater, ask anonymous questions about the industry, give advice and insight, and even crack some corny jokes here and there.

Making Sense of Audition Update Lingo

You may come across some lingo used on Audition Update that will confuse you. The first time I saw someone simply comment "bump," I thought it was a mistake! Whether you're reading basic message board acronyms, or theatrical jargon, make sense of Audition Update through these terms.


Bump - commenting "bump" on a specific thread will quite literally bump the thread to the top of the page, keeping it relevant. 

ITR - when someone asks who is ITR, they are asking who is "in the room," or what members of creative team at the audition are behind the table.

NAB - there is a page on Audition Update called the Bitching Post. When someone comments "NAB" they simply mean "not a bitch." They are instead using the Bitching Post message board for an anonymous question or comment.

EMC - Equity Membership Candidate

EPA - Equity Principal Audition

ECC - Equity Chorus Call

Alt List - the alt list, or "Alternate List" includes Equity members who are not signed up for a specific appointment, but are waiting to audition, time permitting. When someone asks what number they are up to on the alt list, they are asking how many names the monitor has called off of this list. 

Drop-offs - the creative team at auditions can choose whether or not to accept drop-offs. When a  theatre is "accepting drop-offs," they are accepting headshots and resumes from actors that could not audition that day.

CD - casting director

OP - original poster

These next terms refer to the names of specific Equity contracts. For additional information, visit Actor's Equity.


COST - Council of Stock Theatres

LOA - Letter of Agreements

LORT - the League of Resident Theatres

SETA - Short Engagement Touring Agreement

SPT - Small Professional Theatre

TYA - Theatre for Young Audiences

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