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Episode 4 - How to Keep an Audition Journal

In this episode, Maggie discusses the importance of keeping an audition journal and what she likes to include in hers. 

Episode 3 - Equity Chorus Calls

In this episode, Maggie discusses the basics of Equity Chorus Call auditions, or ECCs. This episode is geared towards new Equity members and non-union actors looking to take advantage of Equity auditions.

Episode 2 - Equity Principal Auditions

In this episode, Maggie discusses the foundations of Equity Principal Auditions and how to take advantage of them. Non-equity members, Equity Membership Candidates, and new Equity members will find this episode very valuable

Episode 1 - How To Join Actors’ Equity Association

Introducing the Actor Aesthetic podcast, hosted by NYC based actress and blogger, Maggie Bera. Maggie starts off her first episode of the Actor Aesthetic podcast with the highly requested topic, How To Join Actors' Equity Association. Topics covered include the foundations of Actors' Equity, the Equity Membership Candidate Program, and more.