My Audition To Be A 'Radio City Christmas Spectacular' Singer

It's that time of year and Radio City Music Hall is holding auditions for the Christmas Spectacular! We all know the Radio City Rockettes, but did you know that they also hire male and female dancers and singers?

It's true!

I noticed that a bunch of actors fled to Audition Update with questions about the audition process for Radio City singers.

Because the auditions are held at Radio City Music Hall, and not at the usual Ripley-Grier or Pearl Studios, many actors don't know what to expect.

I attended auditions on April 23, 2018 and figured I'd share my day with you so you'd have more information for next time!

'Radio City' Audition Timeline

This audition was treated as an open call. It didn't matter that I was a member AEA because the Radio City singers are not covered under an Equity contract. Radio City performers comply with AGVA, the American Guild of Variety Artists.

I arrived around 7:30AM to get in line. The line, full of Radio City hopefuls, formed at 50th street between 5th and 6th avenue. It was a chilly day, and no one is allowed into the building until their group is auditioning. I suggest bringing a warm coat and gloves!

Full disclosure: I know how painful it can be to stand outside in the cold for a couple hours... but why anyone would sit on the dirty streets of New York City, I will never know.

Radio City Music Hall audition wristband

Radio City Music Hall audition wristband

At 8:30AM a very kind woman working for Radio City came out to greet us and counted how many were on line. The first 50 girls were given wrist bands and asked to stay and wait in line, as they were the first to enter the building and audition. I was in this group. The rest of the ladies were given slips to return at a later time in the day.

We waited outside on line until about 9AM when they let us into the building. You must go through security first in order to go upstairs.As you walk through a metal detector, a security guard will briefly check through your bag.

Once I made it through security, I was let up the elevator to the 7th floor where auditions were being held. The group of 50 was lead to a holding room where we could put our things down and get ready.

Radio City audition holding room

Radio City audition holding room

I finally entered the holding room around 9:15AM, and I was given two forms to fill out. The monitor asked for us to bring back the forms with our headshots and resumes.

At about 10AM, it was announced that auditions would begin shortly. Everyone was briefed with the following information: enter the room, give your music to the pianist, let him know anything he should be aware of, walk to the 'x' in the center of the room, and begin your 16 bars. The first group of 6 or 7 girls was called, and auditions began.

The groups went by quickly, with each group lasting about 10-15 minutes.

IMPORTANT: Keep your song to a strict 16 bars. The pianist will know if you go over and the creative team is trying to see as many people as possible. You may be asked to sing something else, so bring your book!

If, in the room, they say 'thank you,' then that is all they need to see from you. If they ask you to come back to dance, you are expected to return around 3pm!

*Just a general rule of thumb, all performers must be over the age of 18 at the start of the contract. If under 18 at the time of auditions, a parent or guardian must be present.

For more information on the Radio City Christmas Spectacular auditions, click here!

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