15 Survival Jobs and Side Gigs for Actors

As actors, we can’t always predict when our next acting job or life changing audition will come. Instead, we have to be ready at any minute to drop everything and seize an opportunity.

Only a handful of incredibly lucky actors are able to hop from one acting job to the next. The rest of us have to hustle.

So when we’re in a dry spell, how do we make sure we’ve got enough money to pay for rent, food, dance classes, voice lessons, subscriptions, submissions, coffee dates, yoga and/or a gym memberships, etc?

Grab your business resume, check out job board sites like LinkedIn and Indeed, and take advantage of your unique skillset.

What do you love to do besides theatre? What are you inherently good at? Writing? Designing? Mathematics? Do you love working out? Are you good with kids? Pets? Are you a fast typer? Do you love organization?

Here are 15 survival jobs and side hustles you may want to look into.

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15 Survival Jobs and Side Gigs for Actors

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