Why is the Process of Finding Monologues for Auditions So Difficult?

Why is the process of finding monologues for auditions so difficult?

For musical theatre actors like you and me, the monologue search can be extremely challenging.

It’s just not the same as looking for an audition song. Maybe that’s because we’re used to singing at our auditions… and the true theatre nerds inside of us all have a secret database stored away in the back of our brains with thousands and thousands of Broadway songs.

But frankly, I’ve gone to more and more auditions that are now asking for a monologue - in addition to a short cut of a song.

You’d be surprised at the amount of direct messages and emails and texts asking for help to find a monologue for auditions.

I get it, I do. As an actor, I would love nothing more than for someone to hand me the perfect monologue - one I could do for the next ten years flawlessly, that would get me cast in every show. And for some reason, it is always easier for me to suggest for other actors than it is to think of monologues I can do myself. An audition is based on how other people view us while the choice of monologue is set in how we view ourselves. A successful monologue choice is one where outside perspective matches inner perspective.

Which makes it VERY difficult for a stranger online to recommend a monologue for you! All we can do is name the same five monologues that everybody has done to death, or from the hot new play of the moment, or at least suggest plays that have characters of the same general age/gender - and even then, it might be  of the same "type" but not necessarily a good monologue for YOU.

So whether you’re just starting out in the biz or a longtime pro, the search for the perfect monologue never ends. Monologues are frequently used in auditions, coaching sessions, and classes, so it’s important to know how to look and where to begin your search.

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