10 Simple Ways To Calm Your Audition Nerves

Ah yes... audition nerves.

Love 'em, hate 'em, everyone has 'em.

On this week's episode of the Actor Aesthetic podcast, we're getting down and dirty by discussing 10 Simple Ways To Combat Audition Anxiety and Nerves!

And to make it even better, we have very a special guest today....

Collin Sanderson Calm Audition Nerves

Collin Sanderson is a NYC-based actor with a BFA in Musical Theatre from Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. As an actor, Collin has appeared in numerous regional productions at The Marriott Theatre, The Fireside Theatre, Little Theatre On The Square, Theatre at the Center, as well as the Lythgoe Family Panto in California. He is a proud member of AEA.

On today's episode, Maggie and Collin discuss auditioning in New York City and how to combat audition anxiety.

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