How To Use Instagram To Help Define Your Brand As An Actor

As an actor, your brand is essentially how you see and define yourself as a performer and how you ensure that others perceive you the same way.

When a casting director, producer, or writer considers you for a project, they do what everyone does. They go to Google and type in your name. Because social media profiles often appear first in the results, you’ll want to make sure your Instagram is as catered to your brand as possible.

If you are an artist with a public social media profile, consider these 6 tangible steps you can take to further define your brand as an actor on Instagram.

Actor Brand Social Media Instagram

Links/Articles mentioned in the podcast:

"Do Casting Directors Care About Actors' Social Media?" (Backstage Article written by casting director, Benton Whitley of Stewart/Whitley Casting)

VSCO app for photo/video editing

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