How To Submit Your Materials to Casting Directors

Submitting yourself to a casting director is not a quick and easy way to suddenly get all of the job offers. But it is one part of an effective marketing strategy that takes time, patience and persistence.

If you are ready to get on the radar of key casting directors, and are willing to do what it takes, I’m here to help.

The fact is, casting directors will call in who they know, and one way to become someone they know is by writing to them. I’m not suggesting that you bombard them with e-mails (don’t do that!) but an e-mail even now and again, especially when you have something interesting to share is going to help you get noticed. 

Some casting directors read submissions, don’t respond, but maybe will file them and look through them if there’s a particular character type they are looking for. And even if they don’t read them- they are likely to still see your name and if you’ve written to them a few times, your name will become familiar to them, making them more likely to pay attention when they see a role you are submitted for.

It’s well known in the marketing world that it takes 7-9 times of you contacting someone directly with your message for them to pay attention… This is no different!  Submitting your materials is not as simple as just sending a boring, generic e-mail out to all the casting directors you can find. In fact, I would strongly advise AGAINST doing that. So, how do you write to them?

In this episode I discuss the best ways to submit to casting directors and creative teams, both electronically and through snail mail.

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