Summer Stock: 5 Regional Theatre Audition Conferences for Actors

In American theater, summer stock theatre is a theatre that presents stage productions only in the summer.

And every year, regional combined auditions are held across the country for summer stock employment. Combined auditions give actors, dancers, and singers the chance to audition in front of hundreds of theater companies, production teams and theme parks.

At large unified auditions, musical theatre actors are usually expected to perform a song and a monologue under 90 seconds.

Looking to increase your chances for acting employment across the country? 

Road trip! Here are five of the largest combined auditions for performance opportunities and employment.

1. Strawhats

2. United Professional Theatre Auditions (UPTA)

3. Midwest Theatre Auditions (MTWA)

4. New England Theatre Conference (NETC)

5. Southeastern Theatre Conference (SETC)

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