What is the Monitor's Role At Auditions?

A monitor is a person either hired by the theatre or provided by Actors’ Equity Association to streamline the audition process for the casting team. These wonderful humans work hand-in-hand with producers and casting directors for the smooth flow of auditions.

Audition Monitor

Unless the call is run by the casting director his or herself, you will most likely always have an audition monitor.

At an Equity audition, the monitor ensures that all rules governing audition procedures are followed.

The monitor sits at a table, usually in a “holding room” or just outside the audition room. He or she organizes of headshots, resumes, and any other audition-related materials. The monitor also keeps track of the order of which actors will go into the room to audition.

Audition Holding Room

Heads up to all my eager actor friends out there: monitors always pay attention to how actors behave. If the monitor has any affiliation with the theatre, he or she may find it appropriate to relay that information to the creative team. Be careful what you say… mind your manners at all times!

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