What is an Unofficial List?

You are non-equity and you find that a show you’re perfect for is having auditions. You will want to get there early to sign up on an unofficial list.

What is an unofficial list?

An unofficial list is a way to keep track of a line between non-equity members at an audition. It is typically a piece of white lined paper with names in numerical order.

Where can I find the unofficial list?

In the morning, the list will most likely be found either taped to the wall of Ripley-Grier, Nola, Pearl Studios or inside the building with the security guard. Once the security guard allows people into the building and up the elevators, anyone can take the list upstairs to the holding room.

Who starts the unofficial list?

Anyone can. The first person to arrive at the audition location can start it at their own discretion. 

When are unofficial lists used?

At Equity auditions, (Equity Principal Auditions and Equity Chorus Calls), non-equity members may be seen at the discretion of the creative team. That being said, it is very important that non-equity actors arrive at the location of the audition as soon as possible and sign up on an unofficial list. The Equity monitor typically shows up 30 minutes to an hour prior to the audition. An official non-union list will be provided by the Equity monitor for you to sign up on. If the monitor decides to honor the unofficial list, then a non-equity member from the holding room is granted permission to transfer the list. The earlier you arrive to the audition, the better your chances of being seen that day.

At open calls where non-equity and Equity are seen on equal playing grounds, everything is fair game. Union affiliation does not matter at an open call. Therefore, an unofficial list can be started among everyone. Check the audition listing to see if the creative team will be honoring an unofficial list. (Disney does not usually take an unofficial list).

Can EMCs (Equity Membership Candidates) sign up on the unofficial list?

At open calls, yes. Union affiliation does not matter at open calls.

At ECCs, yes. EMC are considered non-equity at Equity Chorus Calls and should sign up on an unofficial list before the audition.

At EPAs, no. EMCs must be present when the monitor arrives in order to sign up on an official list. EMCs can sign up with the monitor on an unofficial list up until lunch.

*Exception: when the EPA is at the Actors' Equity Building, EMCs can sign up on an official list on the 4th floor up until the start of the audition. After the call begins and up until lunchtime, EMCs can sign up on the official list with the monitor on the appropriate floor.

Can I sign up my friends on the unofficial list?

You can... but be warned. A monitor may be more inclined to throw away the list if he or she notices the same handwriting multiple slots in a row. Play it fair.

What if the theatre says they will not be accepting an unofficial list?

When this happens, your best bet is to show up to the audition location as soon as possible and hang out there. Actors will typically form a line amongst themselves in the holding room. You must be physically present to sign up for the audition once the monitor gets there.

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