10 Tips For Commuters Traveling into NYC

Commuting to New York City for auditions and classes has its pros and cons. An obvious perk, as an actor, is not having to pay a steep price for a NYC apartment. However, the transport to and from can be a pain.

Whether you're living in New Jersey or way out in Brooklyn, read up on some of my favorite tips for mastering the commuter life.

New York City Auditions Actor

1. Pack the night before

I begin my day very early. On a normal day, I am out the door by 6am. I don't want to worry about the added stress of packing a bag for the entire day when I'm barely awake in the morning! I like to pack a bag the night before when I'm getting ready for bed.

2. Pack smart

When you're packing a bag for an entire day, chances are the bag is going to be fairly heavy. Opt for something better for your back and try a small rolling suitcase (I've been loving my Samsonite). If it's going to rain and you don't want to drag a suitcase, try a backpack. Heavy totes that you carry on one side will lead to back pain. Trust me.

3. Wear comfortable shoes

Obviously in this town you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. Don’t be dumb and give yourself blisters so bad that you can’t possibly cram your feet into your tap shoes (me.) I always wear either a comfy pair of boots or sneakers to and from NYC.  Just bring your audition shoes and put them on when you get there.

4. Check the weather

Speaking of weather... it will be your worst enemy. Don't miss the chances of rain or snow. You probably can't go home in between auditions and you certainly don't want to spend any more money on an umbrella you could've brought yourself. Small fold-able umbrellas are not only cheap but they’re extremely convenient. Also, layers are smart for weather that tends to be a tad bipolar.

5. Don't freak out if you forgot something

If you forget something, you know how much of a pain it is to get back home. Don't fret! It's New York City. Chances are, whatever you need you can get within walking distance. Just don't forget your Laducas... those things are expensive.

6. Look for the best public transportation prices

Taking NJ Transit? Check out their weekly and monthly passes before you buy a train ticket every day. You could save a ton of money if you plan ahead. 

7. Always check your seat when you’re leaving the train/bus/subway  

You’ll kick yourself if you forget your audition binder under your seat on that train. 

8. Download a transit app

When I take the train into the city, I rely solely on the NJ Transit mobile app. It's the easiest way to buy tickets and get up-to-date transit departure and arrival information.

9. Bring all your chargers

Computer charger, phone charger, whatever you need. Even better if you pack a mobile charger and you can't get to an outlet.

10. The early bird catches the worm

Delays are the absolute worst thing about commuting.  Give yourself enough time to safely get into the city. You just never know with public transportation. The worst thing that could happen is that you get there early! Better safe than sorry.

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