10 Things I Pack When Traveling To Auditions

Ever see me and wonder why I'm lugging around what looks like a 50 lb backpack? (Lately I've been switching on and off between a backpack and a Samsonite rolling bag. That thing has saved my poor spine.) 

Because I live in New Jersey, I don't have the luxury of going home in between auditions. So when I'm in Manhattan, I have to be prepared for anything and everything. Want to know what's in the bag?

Here are my top 10 items I can't go without when traveling to auditions.

Packing For Auditions

1. Audition Binder

My bible. My baby. Even if I am asked to sing some music from the show I am auditioning for, I bring my binder with all my sheet music just in case. You never know when the creative team will want to hear something else!

2. Headphones

My headphones are my savior in crowded holding rooms. I also love to listen to podcasts while killing time. My current favorite musical theatre podcasts are Theater People, Broadway Backstory, and The Ensemblist!

3. Water

Self explanatory.

4. Outfit (s)

Most days I will try to make it to more than one audition. A simple dress or a nice top with some classic pumps and I'm good to go.

5. Makeup

I always like to do my makeup before I leave in the morning. However, I pack a small bag with some foundation and a couple of lip shades to keep a fresh look. Add some makeup wipes in there if you need to change looks throughout the day!

6. Hair Supplies

I can do anything with a brush, some hairspray, and straightener. It can be a nuisance when the weather outside desperately wants to give you a bad hair day. Or when you're sweaty and gross after a dance call. Not today, Satan.

7. Snack

If you're running from one audition to the next, you may not have enough time to eat a full meal. I like to bring a Cliff Bar to snack on while I'm waiting.

8. Dance Clothes

Any time I go to a Singer ECC, I always bring dance clothes with me... just incase. Even if the breakdown doesn't list that there will be a dance call after singing, you just never know! The creative team could ask you to stay and learn some choreography. Better safe than sorry!

9. Computer

I keep an Audition Journal spreadsheet on my computer that I write in every day. I've found this the easiest way to keep track of my auditions, i.e. who I auditioned for, what I sang, what I wore, how I felt, any feedback, etc. 

10. ID/Equity Card

Because the security guard at most audition locations will not let you upstairs without ID, I always make sure to bring mine. Pearl Studios 500, Ripley-Grier 520, and the Actors' Equity Building in NYC require ID. 

Likewise, if I'm going to an Equity Call, I will need to present my Equity card to check in or sign up. (This applies to EMCs as well)

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