EMCs Will No Longer Line Up with Equity for EPAs at AEA Building

According to Actors' Equity, EMCs will no longer line up with Equity members for EPAs at the Equity building.

EMCs, or Equity Membership Candidates, will sign up on their own list on the 4th floor of the Equity building in the morning.

Equity members will hopefully be able to schedule Equity Principal Audition appointments more quickly and efficiently... and perhaps still have time to line up for another EPA elsewhere.

*As of now, this policy will only be in effect at the Equity building. Other New York City buildings such as Pearl, Ripley, NOLA, etc. do not yet apply.

EMC folks: give the AEA 4th floor monitor your EMC card and tell them what list you want to sign-up on. The monitor will then transfer the list to the 16th floor when ready. Now you can officially sign up when the Equity building opens and don't have to go back at 8 AM.

Email Andrea Murray, Audition Center Director, amurray@actorsequity.org for any additional questions you may have regarding the new policy.

The complete Facebook post from the Actors' Equity page is linked below.

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