How to Sign Up for an Equity Chorus Call the Day Of

According to Actors' Equity, AEA members "may sign up for ECCs using the online sign-up feature on the Casting Call website, accessible through the Member Portal." But what if I didn't sign up online? Can I still go to the audition?

Perhaps you are a new member and don't have access to the AEA Member Portal yet. Perhaps you decided last minute you wanted to knock out another audition. Perhaps you missed the deadline to sign up online.

Don't sweat!

If you are unable to secure a spot online for an Equity Chorus Call, you are allowed to sign up the day of. Here's how!

Equity Chorus Call

1. Arrive at least a half hour before the call

Whether the audition is at the Actors' Equity building, Pearl Studios, Ripley-Grier, Chelsea or NOLA, show up at least 30 minutes before the call. It is required that the theatre see all actors who arrive at an ECC BEFORE THE CALL BEGINS.

2. Equity members form a line in the order in which you arrive

For those who were unable to sign up online, a line is formed based on arrival. Hop on the line and hang out until the monitor gets there.

3. Sign up with the monitor

After the monitor has read all the names on the online sign-up list, you can sign up. Show your paid up Equity Membership card, jot down your name, and take an audition card with a number on it.

4. Don't go anywhere

The powers that be may decide to “type” at chorus calls.

"Typing" is the method used by casting personnel to audition only those whom the casting personnel determine to be physically right for the production

According to Muscles for Musicians, "there are all sorts of fun ways of typing.  They can type by headshot.  They can type by lining everyone up in a room and looking at you.  They can type singers by making everyone sing 8 bars.  They can type dancers by making them do one double pirouette – or a short across the floor combination..."

5. Listen for your number

For singer calls, the monitor will line up the first group, USUALLY consisting of roughly 20 singers.

For dancer calls, the monitor will then take in the first group USUALLY consisting of roughly 20-30 dancers.

6. Hand in your headshot and resume when called

Give your headshot/resume to the monitor and collect your things. It's go-time.

For more information on Equity Chorus Calls, click here.

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