6 Steps to Sign Up Online for Equity Principal Auditions

Actors Equity Association, the union representing 51,000 stage actors and stage managers, provides a wide range of benefits for its members. One of the most important bonuses includes auditions run by the union. Equity Principal Auditions and Equity Chorus Calls are required by the union for any production or theatre that is run under an Equity contract.

Otherwise known as EPAs, Equity Principle Auditions are casting calls for leading and featured roles in a production or season of productions. Though they are technically auditions for lead characters, you may be considered for any role. These auditions are required by the union for any production or theatre that is run under an Equity contract.

Actors’ Equity Association members may access online EPA sign-ups through the member portal. Four of the six appointments in each 20-minute time slot will be available for online sign-up.

So how do I sign-up online?

1. Sign in through the AEA member portal

Equity Member Portal Sign In

Equity Member Portal Sign In

Sign in to the Equity Member Portal using your AEA username and password.

2. Under the Casting Call tab, click Today’s EPA Signups

Equity Member Portal

Equity Member Portal

Once in the Equity Member Portal, click on the tab Casting Call. A dropdown menu will appear. Click Today’s EPA Signups.

3. Decide on which EPA you wish to signup for

Equity Principal Auditions

The available EPAs will be listed by name, location, and time. Carefully pick the EPA you wish to signup for.

4. At noon, hit the yellow refresh button

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 2.59.10 PM.png

At Noon, hit the yellow refresh button to allow the EPA signups to become available. The “Sign Up” button next to the EPA you wish to signup for will turn blue.

4. Click the Blue Sign Up Button to be placed in a Queue

Equity Principal Audition Online Signup

Once you have clicked the blue signup button next to the EPA you wish to signup for, you will be placed in a queue. You are now in line.

The queue will list the number of users in line ahead of you to signup, as well as your estimated wait time.

When an online signup is full (every slot has been taken by an Equity member) a notice will appear at the bottom of the Queue. See below.

EPA Signup Message Update

EPA Signup Message Update

5. When its your time to signup for a slot, choose the time you wish to audition

EPA Timeslots

EPA Timeslots

Once it’s your time to signup, you will be redirected to the signup page for your chosen EPA. Choose the time you wish to audition.

Blue boxes indicate available time slots. Greyed out boxes indicate time slots that are no longer available.

6. Check for confirmation of your time slot

EPA Signup Confirmation

EPA Signup Confirmation

Once you click your preferred time slot, you will be taken to a confirmation page. This page will confirm the EPA you signed up for, the time slot, and the location. It will also include a list of basic EPA rules.

In a few moments, you should receive another confirmation through email.


Members who schedule an EPA audition appointment online may cancel that appointment online up to one hour prior to the start of the 20-minute time slot without penalty.

Members who miss three EPA appointments that were scheduled online within a one-year period will lose their ability to schedule EPA appointments online for a period of six months.

Members must check in with the monitor ten minutes prior to their audition appointment. At the start of the EPA, the monitor will designate and announce the official clock by which the audition will be run. If a member is late, they will lose their appointment. There can be no exceptions to this policy.

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